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'A li'l bit of love makes a world of difference'

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"A true showman, Viselman has an unmatched reputation"

Inc. Magazine


His Story

By the age of 30, Kenn Viselman was responsible for over $2 billion in sales. By 40, that number skyrocketed to over $12 billion. It's now estimated that the entertainment properties with which he is associated exceed a staggering 20 billion dollars.

Viselman is developing his Li'l Pet Hospital brand in association with Children's Miracle Network Hospitals addressing health and well being, both on and off the screen, proceeds will help save children's lives. Additionally, his team is producing itsy bitsy Schoolhouse, a global didactic children’s project and The Wish Genie based on his book of the same title.

The Oogieloves in The Big Balloon Adventure, was the world's first interactive family film, one of the widest independent film releases in US history and the first theatrical created for preschoolers & their families. The Oogieloves turn passive viewing into an active experience. Currently, Viselman is co-producing the Oogieloves' II & III as well as negotiating a deal for the TV series. 

Viselman is the maverick and producing partner for the Teletubbies in the Western Hemisphere. He's credited as the marketing genius behind Thomas the Tank Engine & Shining Time Station and a driving force behind the rebirth of the classics Eloise and Noddy. Viselman's itsy bitsy Entertainment, is one of the world’s most admired independent children’s entertainment companies. His brands have become wildly successful both on and off the screen including top-selling toys, books, videos, clothing and numerous ancillary products.

Viselman executive produced and created the Parent’s Choice award winning, innovative and commercial-free children’s series It’s Itsy Bitsy Time! as well as the multi-award winning series NiNi’s Treehouse which became a top-rated children’s program in the UK, Canada and the USA. And now has BIG hopes for his latest series Bunches of Fun!

Viselman has created an empire by marketing and monetizing entertainment through his unique use of storytelling.


"A sort of Willy Wonka"

Los Angeles Times



Showcase of Work



Kenn Viselman

"Viselman has achieved something close to legendary status"

New York Times


Projects released to market...


Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends

Head of Sales & Marketing

When Mattel bought Thomas in 2011, annual global sales stood at an astonishing $1 Billion Dollars.


Bunches of Fun


With several 100,00 copies in print Bunches is getting parent's to say 'I love you Bunches' to their children.



Producing Partner

In their first year of sales, Teletubbies merchandise sold twice as much as ALL other children's brand combined.

NiNi's Treehouse.jpg

NiNi's Treehouse

Creator/Executive Producer

A Multi-Award Winning Series, number one in its time-slot in every market it aired.

Charley & Mimmo.jpg

Charley & Mimmo

Executive Producer

Released in 2000, it still airs in several countries across the globe.


it's itsy bitsy time!

Executive Producer

The first commercial-free children's series. Number one in its timeslot in every market it aired.

LPH LOGO G 02.jpg

Li'l Pet Hospital


In association with 'Children's Miracle Network Hospital', Li'l pet Hospital helps save children's lives.

The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure Movie

The Oogieloves in The Big Balloon Adventure

Creator/Executive Producer

The words first ever interactive family feature film.

8 Giants steps.jpg

8 Giant Steps to Global Domination


How Kenn went up & competed against the likes of Disney and won.